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Your Brand: Why Your Headshot is Your Most Important Marketing Tool

WHAT IS IT? A headshot is not just another mugshot. It is your most important tool for getting you through the door at auditions and representing you to agents. This workshop will look at all the factors that can make your headshot more effective in getting you work. HOW WILL IT WORK? The session will start with a group seminar and discussion followed by a general Q&A. Please bring along copies of the headshot you are currently using. WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF IT? Topics covered will include: Visual marketing – how important is your headshot? How do headshots communicate to the viewer? The subconscious message – why should a casting director choose your image? What should the headshot represent? Can you trust your agent to pick your headshot? Visual literacy and other controversial stuff such as how to prepare for your headshot session; how to choose a photographer; how much you should you pay and what you should expect.

The session will be run by the Association of Professional Headshot Photographers. The APHP is a non-profit group created in 2016 by the UK's leading headshot photographers. Founded on principles of education, expertise and excellence, it aims to benefit actors and agents by establishing and celebrating recognised standards of headshot professionalism, through the 'APHP Approved' quality kitemark. Wherever you see it, you can be sure of working with a qualified photographer who is fair, reliable and responsible, possessing the experience, skill and knowledge to provide you or your clients with the highest quality headshots.

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