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Voiceover: The Home Studio Revolution

WHAT IS IT? In a little over a decade, the Voiceover landscape has been re-drawn. No longer the closed-shop it once was, today’s exciting and potentially lucrative VO world is waiting for you to get stuck in! But so many new potential voiceover artists make huge and costly errors in setting up their ‘home-studios’. Pro-audio and UK voiceover expert, Guy Michaels, will help you make the right decisions on equipment, software, optimising your recording environment (cupboard under the stairs!) and making the best recordings for very little cost. HOW WILL IT WORK? Guy will lead you through the essentials of home recording, whether it be for ‘audition/self-tape’ purposes or for delivering the final polished product to the client. Having run the Voiceover Kickstart training programme for actors and voiceovers worldwide and with 18 years of corporate VO experience, he’s witnessed all the mistakes so you don’t have to. What software should you be using? What processes should you learn and apply to your recordings? How much should you spend on a microphone? How can you effectively treat and improve the acoustics of your recording environment – even if that is the corner of your bedroom? All of this and much more will be covered. WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF IT? Apart from saving you hundreds of pounds and hours, you’ll be in a position to make the right decisions, no matter what your budget. You’ll be able to improve your recording quality and boost your hit-rate when auditioning for Voiceover work. You’ll also have a far greater and much needed understanding of the typical voiceover studio and the technical requirements/knowledge every actor needs. Price: £18.


Guy Michaels

Guy Michaels is one of the most successful UK coaches in Voiceover and recording techniques. As a regular on panels for The Voiceover Network, VOX and and having worked as a tutor for RADA, Mountview, The Actors Centre, GSA and other leading drama training establishments, Guy confidently combines a creative approach, technical knowledge and up to the minute industry experience. Originally coming from a theatre background (trained at Mountview in the nineties) he has worked in Voiceover as a Corporate Specialist (the bread and butter of most VOs) for over 18 years. Running hundreds of voiceover sessions, producing thousands of tracks and spending untold hours in the booth, Guy returns to the Actors Centre to share this experience. Coached clients have gone on to sign with Excellent Talent, Sue Terry, Babble Voices, Articulate Voices and worked in every field from Corporate to Radio Drama, Narration, Gaming and Animation. Find out more at 


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