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Vocal Extremes

WHAT IS IT? This is a practical workshop for actors, voice artists and performers, ideally with some pre-existing voice training. The day will be spent steadily building skills and techniques for authentic delivery of screaming, shouting, sustaining emotionally-heightened text and the more challenging aspects of voice work that occur on stage, screen and in the studio. HOW WILL IT WORK? Yvonne will work through essential skills to develop a heightened support for the voice. The day will progress from the essential groundwork to more and more demanding skills. At any point participants can choose to observe if previous voice training isn’t sufficient to participate in every aspect. The day will also include how to do a “cool down” - an often neglected aspect. Handouts will be provided. WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF IT? You will learn an approach designed to keep you safe while delivering work that looks and sounds like the real thing - without damaging your voice. Participant Price: £30. Observer Price: £15.


Yvonne Morley

Yvonne has worked as a voice teacher and vocal coach for over twenty years. She has taught in several drama schools including LAMDA where she was Head of Voice. Other work includes West End productions, BBC, various independent TV companies, voiceover and radio. She often works with artists suffering from vocal fitness and health issues. Her most recent work includes Kill Me Now and A View From the Bridge for Touring Consortium Theatre Company. 


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