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TV Commercial Confidential

WHAT IS IT? This workshop will give you the lowdown on commercial casting and show you how to master, enjoy and win commercial auditions (all auditions!) plus improve your relationship with agents, casting directors and scene partners. It’s an excellent introduction to commercials for less experienced actors, a useful refresher for actors returning to the business and a terrific tune-up for working actors. HOW WILL IT WORK? Using a typical audition situation as template, John will share his positive, practical, professional secrets, tips and golden rules that work! Actors will then perform actual copy to camera, watch the playback and receive individual coaching in John’s upbeat, down to earth, irreverent style. WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF IT? You will learn how to prepare for, dress for and enjoy auditions; how to analyse scripts and make them come alive; how to identify and broaden your casting range; how to get the edge on the competition and how to put joy in your work and money in your pocket. Participant Price: £40. Observer Price: £15.



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