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The Shakespeare Speaking Laboratory

This next session of the Shakespeak Lab is open to actors, directors and teachers, to first-timers and to the emerging core group. We're very luck to have input this time from Tom Latter, and his workshop details are ...

Shakespeare's Art of Persuasion

A practical workshop for actors on the art of persuasion in Shakespeare. We will explore the language in speeches and scenes to uncover the subtle (and not so subtle) methods Shakespeare's characters use to persuade, such as rhetoric, poetics, and train of thought. Language is full of clues to a character's intentions, and the workshop aims to equip actors with practical techniques to unlock the many options of the text. [Speeches will be provided but participants are welcome also to bring in their own to work on if they wish]
Price: £10.

You can book in advance for this workshop or drop-in on the day.


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