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The Integrated Self: Confidence, Resilience and Motivation

WHAT IS IT? A short course focusing on the elements that build true confidence and bounce-back-ability in the industry today. Understand what can sap your resilience and sense of self and learn how to remove the masks that prevent you from revealing yourself in your full power and creativity. HOW WILL IT WORK? Over a series of five evening sessions, working with real examples, you will be introduced to practical and accessible techniques to: identify limited states of mind; understand what sabotages genuine confidence and self-motivation; explore what underlies the various masks or personae we put on; learn how to break through and let your true, integrated selves out to play and look ahead and make clear, creative choices for planning the future. These techniques have been widely used in businesses and organisations for 30 years and can be life-changing. WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF IT? You will have the opportunity to work on current challenging situations in real time and be coached through them. With the fresh release of genuine resilience and confidence, grounded in reality, you will know how to be true to yourself and let all your dimensions out to play. You will leave the course with a transformational toolkit of practical, tried and tested techniques that you can use for the rest of your life in many different contexts. Price: £90.


Dawn Ellis

Dawn is a dynamic and creative facilitator and highly experienced coach of AQ (Attitudinal Intelligence), which she trains into major organisations worldwide. An ex-actor, she is a performance Storyteller and also teaches storytelling techniques. She co-founded a teambuilding company (Instant Teamwork), specialising in personal performance and motivation, presentation and voice coaching - as well as creating arts-based events to energise, bond and motivate. Dawn is warm and engaging and uses a light touch with groups. She is passionate about helping artists and performers to be at their best in an increasingly challenging industry. 


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