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The Camera Loves You

WHAT IS IT? This two-day workshop will lead actors through the nuts and bolts of performing on camera, helping to give insight into key questions such as: what are the specific requirements of a screen actor? How do you stay ‘in the moment’ when filming out of sequence? What effect should shot size have on your performance? What impact does building a scene in ‘cuts’ versus single, developing shots have on the actor? How to work with or without marks, and does continuity really matter?

HOW WILL IT WORK? This workshop will start with an introduction to the distinct expectations of the screen actor. This will be followed by the rehearsal, shooting and debriefing of selected scenes. Actors will be expected to learn a scene given to them before the start of the workshop which they will then perform in pairs, on camera, with a debrief to follow at the end of the workshop. 

WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF IT? You will gain practical experience of rehearsing, shooting and debriefing scenes. You will be able to examine choices made during work on a scene under the guidance of an experienced professional film and television director, and in close to real world conditions. This will include help in identifying the meaning of a scene, giving options as to how to stage that meaning, and an insight into how the scene may end up being photographed. The discussion will examine what impact a director’s choices have on performance and help gain a better understanding of how to take direction (and what to do if you are given bad direction), how to change a performance quickly and effectively without rehearsal - and perhaps along the way learn a little of the on-set protocol. Learning how to act more effectively for the camera is not difficult for a good actor but perhaps sometimes needs demystifying. Everything we learn we learn by doing and creating scenarios that deliver experience is what this workshop is all about.

Price: £130.

Workshop tier: INTERMEDIATE

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This workshop runs over two days:

June 5, 6


Suri Krishnamma

Professor Suri Krishnamma is an award-winning director with more than 30 years experience in the film and TV industry. Credits include BBC dramas A Respectable Trade, The Cazalets and Waking the Dead as well as feature films A Man of No Importance, New Year’s Day and Locked In. His films have been globally exhibited with premiers at the London, Edinburgh, Sundance, Toronto and Munich Film Festivals. Industry recognition includes BAFTA nominations and other awards. Most recently, he directed Bad Karma with Ray Liotta and Dominic Purcell in the lead roles and Dark Tourist starring Melanie Griffith, for which Michael Cudlitz won best actor at Frightfest, London. Also a writer, Suri has a number of new projects in development.


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