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The Actor's Website - How You Can Do It

WHAT IS IT? This is an informative and interactive class where we tackle the ins and outs of how to put together a website and what to put on it. HOW WILL IT WORK? Building a website can seem like a monstrous task. We will break it up so you can understand what you need to do. Following a structured format, we will talk about the necessary aspects of whether you need a website and especially what to put on it. What do Casting Directors look at and what do they not care about? How can you list your website on Google and increase your page ranking? How necessary is interacting with other online social media and how should you synchronise it all? It doesn’t have to be so difficult. We will talk about the tools that are available to help you set up. What if you’re not tech savvy? No problem. You have options. We will discuss how much it costs and how can you do it cheaply. We will go through technical and non-technical questions and we will review a selection of websites from those attending. WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF IT? You will leave the session with a plan on how you can build a website. You will know what to put on it. If you can use Facebook, you can build a website! Price: £FREE


Tim McDonald

Tim McDonald is a web designer-developer and actor. He has worked on websites for clients such as Nike, Barclays, The Telegraph, Beats by Dr Dre and British Airways, and has recently set up Site Your Art, a website dedicated to helping actors and artists build their own websites - Tim has spent countless hours working with casting directors and other industry professionals in order to demystify what should go into an actor's website and now travels to schools delivering seminars, showing actors how it can be done.


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