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The Actor as Storyteller: From Audition to Performance

WHAT IS IT? Art communicates. I believe we actors are storytellers at heart. Whether it’s Stage, TV, film or even the audition to get one of those jobs, the actor must find the heartbeat of the story, connect and make strong, unique choices that support both the storytelling and their talent and belief as an artist. Simple, right? As I’m a 25 year LA veteran actor/teacher, this workshop will focus on primarily TV and film work - successfully getting the job and doing it. I’m sure you know that right now the British wave is a very real part of Hollywood, but even if you have no immediate plans to come to the US, this course will be a rigorous and fun acting workout for those who are committed to learning new ideas and expressing themselves fully in order to achieve artistic and professional success. Give yourself an early holiday gift of creativity …and get ready for the new year! HOW WILL IT WORK? Day one will focus on auditioning. I’ll send you sides from a current US TV show in advance so that you can work on it before the class and then you will come in and audition and we will discuss the work. On day two you will be paired with a partner for scene work and we will look at choices and execution while using a variety of exercises and techniques to expand your exploration. Also there will be a very eye opening on-camera exercise dealing with being present and fully authentic on and off script. WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF IT? A supportive, yet challenging two days dedicated to exploring your talent and ability to understand the script and translate that into choices designed to fulfil the demands of the story while staying true to your own authenticity and creating a dynamic performance. You will gain a new approach and set of tools to expand on the work you are already doing. Plus, you get the perspective and extensive knowledge of someone who has been, and currently is, working as an actor in the trenches of LA. (CHECK OUT LISA’S OTHER WORKSHOP THIS SEASON: MOVING YOUR CAREER FORWARD).Price: £110


This workshop runs over two days

June 9, 10


Lisa Pescia

Lisa Pescia is a Los Angeles based actress, producer, director and teacher. Her training has been primarily with the late film and theatre director Milton Katselas at the Beverly Hills Playhouse for the last 25 years. She also studied with Mark Travis (The Directorʼs Journey) and co-taught a class for film directors with him at UCLA and AFI. She has taught international students for the last 3 years at TVI in Los Angeles. In 2013 Lisa held a seminar for both film directors and actors at ECIB in Barcelona and last year she brought her acting intensive workshop to Spotlight Studios in London. Besides acting in and directing numerous LA theater productions, Lisa co-founded the Beverly Hills Playhouse Production Company where she developed and produced over 100 original scripts with an emphasis on one-person shows and one-act festivals. She currently is an independent producer and an acting coach to international and local LA students while continuing to remain active in her TV, stage and film career. Television guest stars include: The Mentalist, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Parenthood, Without a Trace, Criminal Minds, Cold Case, Seek & Destroy (Showtime pilot with comedian Neal Brennan) and a recurring role on Seinfeld. Roger Corman gave Lisa her first break by casting her as the star of a Fatal Attraction-type thriller franchise in the early 90ʼs. In 2009 she played the mother of a serial killer in the horror film, 2:13, which was shot by Saw cinematographer, David Armstrong. Most recent film work includes: The M Word directed by Henry Jaglom, starring Frances Fisher and Michael Imperioli, Stealing Roses starring John Heard and Cindy Williams and the indie festival film, Last Ride on the Midwest Pacific. Lisa also wrote, directed, produced and acted in her first short festival film, the award-winning comedy Wedding Jimmy. She is most proud of recently completing a successful run of the critically acclaimed play, Citizen: An American Lyric at the Fountain Theatre in Hollywood.


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