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Successful Interviewing With Casting Directors, Directors, Producers and Agents

WHAT IS IT? Over two days, actor and coach William Brand will lead a series of practical workshops designed to provide all actors and performers with a clear strategy and toolkit to enhance interactions with key career stakeholders. Successful Interviewing uses a combination of Meisner Technique, flow states, insights/applications from neuroscience, and Stephen Book’s interview process to provide the means to end self-destructive behaviours, overcome fear, and achieve optimal performance in auditions, castings, and career meetings. HOW WILL IT WORK? Dynamic interactive exercises, where challenge is matched to developing skill levels and immediate feedback reinforces positive learning, will provide you with a proven process to arrive at your meeting prepared, present, and free from self-consciousness. Experiential exercises designed around each stage of the meeting process will allow you to achieve a state of Flow, free your creativity, and respond to unexpected developments with calmness and flexibility. This course is suitable for both those newer to the profession seeking a firm foundation in audition and interview technique, as well as more seasoned performers seeking to refresh and enhance their approach. WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF IT? A clear path to improving your success rate at auditions and career meetings. You will understand all the key elements and requirements of the interview process, and have practised optimising outcomes at each stage of it. You will know how to connect authentically with all your stakeholders, avoid the victim trap, and manage - and gradually eliminate - the anxiety that can hamper your performance. Price: £60.


This workshop runs over two days

September 16, 17


William Brand

William has thirty years experience as an actor, playing leading roles in the West End and the National Theatre, and regional theatres such as Manchester Palace and The Point, Dublin, and numerous principal roles in film and TV in a diverse career spanning the seriously intellectual Werner Heisenberg in the NT’s production of Copenhagen, and the loons and tunes of Harry in Mamma Mia! He was in the recently broadcast BBC series War and Peace playing the Austrian Minister of War, and before that was Kurt Hauser in Strike Back with Michelle Yeoh.  He is also a consultant and coach to business and organisational leaders, advising them on leadership development, strategy, and relationship management, and has extensive experience as a communication and personal engagement coach, using performance skills to help clients unlock their own physical and expressive powers to engage and connect authentically with others.


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