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Story Development: from Acting to Writing

The two most important questions you want your audience to ask themselves are 'what' and 'why'. 'Why is this happening?' and 'What's going to happen next?' It follows that the work of the actor in devised pieces and the work of the writer with a blank page are similar - to get the audience to focus intelligently on what the characters are saying and doing, without knowing 'what' or 'why'. It is 'story development' that will give them the answers they are looking for ... These two workshops will be a led by Greg Mosse, the director of the Criterion New Writing program (, assisted by his lead actor, Felix Mosse (The Book of Mormon, Love Me Tender, Les Mis, Rocky Horror Show). The workshops will include improvisation, story outlining, scene writing and a discussion of general principles of story development, both working alone and working collaboratively (for example, in a writers' room).


This workshop runs over two days

June 16, 30


Greg Mosse

Greg Mosse graduated in Drama and English from Goldsmiths College, University of London. Previously an interpreter and teacher, he was originator and program leader for MA Creative Writing at West Dean College while curating and teaching the Southbank Centre Creative Writing School. He now leads Criterion New Writing - an on-stage script and story development program in the West End. Alongside, he works as story consultant for novels and plays and is a prolific theatre writer with, more recently, his own production company.


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