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Stanislavski Reinvestigated

WHAT IS IT? A short course for actors new to the Stanislavski system or those wanting to reinvestigate it. Like most techniques, the aim of Stanislavski's was to expand, broaden and deepen an actor's engagement with the role they were playing and free their imagination and talent. It was never meant to be a cage, or an academic rule book - common experiences for some actors learning the system. This workshop aims to look at Stanislavski's wonderful techniques afresh. HOW WILL IT WORK? In a safe group setting, we will begin with examining the Stanislavski questions and terminology from its source basis, at essence, before it began to develop under the hands of other practitioners and teachers. We will use practical exercises, methods of improvisation and scenes from a varied repertoire to examine objectives, actions, obstacles, tactics, super objectives, stakes, circles of attention and more - with the specific aim of creating understanding and freedom, rather than confusion and encasement, the ultimate aim of any technique. WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF IT? You will leave the course with a fresh understanding of the Stanislavski system and many different strategies and exercises to further develop your engagement with its principles - in any repertoire, stage or screen. This course aims to support an individual's talent and uniqueness, always with the aim of inspiring confidence, depth, pleasure and freedom in their acting. Price: £120


Seb Harcombe

Previously Director of the BA Acting courses at both RADA and Drama Centre, Seb is now a freelance director and acting coach. After beginning his career in theatre as a student at RADA, he worked as an actor for 15 years, playing leading roles at the National Theatre, RSC and many of the UK's most prestigious theatres and companies before becoming a teacher. Seb is also Artistic Director of the theatre company Secret/Heart, whose remit is to give professional opportunities to actors in their foremost years out of UK drama schools. The company has been resident at Southwark Playhouse for the last five summers, garnering more than 12 awards and nominations for their work, including a Peter Brook ensemble award.  


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