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Stage Combat: Knife Fighting for Stage and Screen

WHAT IS IT? A session on creating highly realistic fights using knives, for stage and screen. A small blade is a very common weapon used in dramatic contexts across a wide range of genre and periods. It could be a knife, it could be a sharp found-object. We will explore how to create these safely and effectively, and how to inject the performance to sell the story. HOW WILL IT WORK? We will start exploring the foundations which are key to safe dramatic knife fights, and the biomechanics that are common between ‘real’ fighting, and ‘looking like’ we are fighting for real. Following this we will journey through how this applies to a dramatic scene, and how to bring out the story and reality of these scenes. The session will culminate in creating a choreographed fight scene to perform back to the group. WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF IT? The session will give you a toolbox you can draw upon in keeping yourself and your partner safe when using blades on stage, while injecting realism and heightened emotional performance in the action. You will also gain an understanding of what is required in film and stage fights, in terms of the rehearsal, the physical control, the energy and the awareness. Please be aware this is a very physical class: please come with appropriate movement clothes and shoes. Price: £30.


Lyndall Grant

Lyndall Grant is a Fight Director, Fight Performer, and certified teacher of Dramatic Combat with the British Academy of Dramatic Combat.  She is also director of company Captivate Action Ltd., which provides performers, directors and training to Motion Capture. Lyndall teaches dramatic combat in Australia and Austria, and in the UK at various venues including the Bristol Tobacco Factory and London MET Film School. Lyndall trained as an Actor at ArtsEd London, and is still a working actor.  She uses this industry experience and understanding of working both sides of the creative process, in training students how to access their best performances for stage, motion capture, and screen.


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