The Actors Centre

Seeing and Being Seen

WHAT IS IT? Is your acting dead or alive? This workshop will develop awareness of self and others as one experience, with presence, creativity and spontaneity. By integrating awareness with your mental construct of character and memory of lines, true confidence is cultivated and a sense of ease is guaranteed. HOW WILL IT WORK? Using awareness exercises we can break through our personal boundaries into an intimacy with character and audience so we are not imprisoned by our idea of how we think it should be. Please bring a short piece of learned text (2-3mins). WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF IT? Complete ease and awareness while performing and in auditions, as well as an understanding of how a shift in attention can resonate more with the audience. This workshop integrates true mindfulness with your acting technique. Price £20.


David Boxer

 David has studied at NIDA and the Lecoq School in Paris. He has taught improvisation in several drama schools and his freelance directing includes work with Moving Picture mime show and Black mime theatre co. and many Shakespeare productions and Woody Allen plays. 


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