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Screen Acting Using the Method

WHAT IS IT? The Method trains actors to use their imagination, senses and emotions to create credible and authentic performances grounded in the truth of the moment. This can feel like a distant goal in the context of a film or TV job, where there may be no rehearsal, or going on tape for a film or TV audition. The intention of this course is to give actors the tools to prepare their work with focus and confidence in order to be equipped to always do their best. HOW WILL IT WORK? Actors will practice applying the Stanislavski ‘system’ to identify character objectives, obstacles and relationships to film scripts, which we will then tape and play back, enabling actors to learn from watching themselves and the rest of the group. There will be plenty of opportunity for constructive feedback and re-work in a supportive environment. Please prepare a brief monologue of your choice, suitable for screen, in advance of the course. WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF IT? During the course we will look at finding truth and meaning in a text, developing character and understanding the requirements of different camera shots in order to develop confidence in a medium which may be unfamiliar, aiming to be ‘in the moment’ on camera as in life. Price: £90.


This workshop runs over 2 days

December 8, 9



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