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Screen Acting: The Keeping Continuity Exercise Class

WHAT IS IT? What if your best take ends up on the cutting room floor because you picked up your cup with the wrong hand? Continuity can seem terribly difficult. How could you make sure to always do EXACTLY the same thing and yet offer something DIFFERENT in every take? This workshop is designed to get into the mind of the editor and explain the paradox once and for all. This monthly drop-in will give you the chance to practise continuity regularly and effectively – without destroying your performance in the process. HOW WILL IT WORK? You will be sent a short scene to learn in advance. In the morning, we will talk about your experiences and frustrations with keeping continuity. You will learn about the editing process and what an editor is looking for in a performance, where they can cut and where they can’t. We will also look at common pitfalls such as drinking and eating and other ‘special’ cases. Then we rehearse the scene. The afternoon is all about practice. We will be filming and playing back a scene with difficult continuity, and you will learn how to make it work and find the fun in it – whilst still offering new things in your performance. WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF IT? You will be able to truly understand the editor’s mind and learn about the things an actor should be aware of when shooting that can help or hinder the editing process. Filming and playback will enable you to gain confidence with continuity. At the end of the day, you will understand how to combine the two paradoxical elements of ‘doing the same’ and ‘doing it differently’ and you will be able to apply this knowledge and practice in the future. It you want to build on your skills more, come regularly and use this space to practise – to make sure that your best take always ends up in the film.


Linda Ludwig

Linda Ludwig and James Curle are award-winning joint directors and have worked together at Inquisitive Pictures since 2011. They have produced and directed drama, actor showreels, commercials and music videos. Their festival film "Man of the Hour" won "Best Short Film" at the Cannes Film Festival 2018, American Pavilion Emerging Filmmaker Showcase. They are now in development for two TV shows, a comedy series pilot and a debut feature film. More info and work on:


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