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RP: What is a Neutral Accent?

WHAT IS IT? An accent workshop that explores the subtleties of RP. HOW WILL IT WORK? Ever wondered what is the ‘right’ RP for you? Using techniques from the Rowles and Sharpe system from their ‘How to do Accents’ series you will be taken through the similarities and differences of the Neutral Standard English Accent, and Heightened RP. WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF IT? Through exploration you will leave with a detailed knowledge of the modern and more historical versions of RP. Price: £18.


Louise Jones

Louise received her MA in Voice Studies from RCSSD. After graduating she returned as a visiting lecturer. Louise also teaches at the Performance Preparation Academy in Guildford where she is in charge of the students’ speech and accent learning. She has worked with performers from Greenwich and Lewisham Young People’s Theatre, Tara Arts, Outfox productions and students from Arts Ed. Most recently, Louise worked with Clean Break Theatre Company coaching the ‘street’ accent for Vivienne Franzmann’s Pests at the Royal Court. 


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