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Presence and Posture

WHAT IS IT? Presence is that elusive quality that every actor wants. It is that vitality and immediacy that makes people want to watch them: ‘What will they do next?’. Underneath questions about ‘presence’ are questions about ‘posture’. Not just standing up straight, but the realisation that how a person stands, moves, gestures is inseparable from the question of who we think they are and whether we are interested enough to watch them. This is a workshop to explore those questions. HOW WILL IT WORK? This will be a pretty physical workshop, but we will need to slow down, get detailed and be precise: it is often small differences in how we are and what we do that make all the difference to presence. We will use the Feldenkrais Method to do that, as ‘Awareness Through Movement’ lessons offer the opportunity to feel what we are actually doing better in precise ways and to learn something new. We will frame it with some games and exercises to see how we are doing and what we are learning. WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF IT? A day to see and feel what it is to be really present, vital and immediate on stage (or camera); to let go of some of what you do that gets in the way; to get clearer about what makes you watchable. Price: £30.


Victoria Worsley

Victoria Worsley was an actor, movement director and theatre maker for 20 years. She has worked with the Feldenkrais Method for over 30 years, qualifying as a Professional Practitioner in 2007. She has taught in drama schools for 9 years and has a private practice which is attended by people from all walks of life – including many professional actors, dancers, singers and musicians. Her book Feldenkrias for Actors is published by Nick Hern Books. See for more info.


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