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Playing the Altered Voice

WHAT IS IT? A one-day workshop teaching safe manipulation of the vocal tract to portray characters with voice, speech and communication difficulties with authenticity. The course will also cover the overlap with how these voices change in different emotional states. HOW WILL IT WORK? We will initially work on grounding the breath and voice and exploring vocal care; we then progress to portraying the voice disordered by a range of medical conditions (eg stroke, stammering) and old age. From a place of vocal strength and safety we can then overlay the emotional states of joy, anger, sadness and fear. The course guides you to explore the manipulation of your own voice and speech with care as you move into these extremes. We will also cover postures/movements associated with these conditions. WHAT DO I GET OUT OF IT? The content includes a refresher of the anatomy of voice production and how to maintain optimum vocal health and breath support, and provides an opportunity to understand, experience and practise these specific character voices with realism and emotion. For niche roles or simply to embellish everyday characters with more variety, this session will enable you to warm up and manipulate the vocal tract to meet the challenge of creating such compromised voices for different media, and for screen and stage; you will acquire an additional vital portfolio of ‘cool-down’ exercises to de-role. Price: £30 See Pip's blog post on Playing the Altered Voice


Pippa Wilson

Pip Wilson has worked as a Speech & Language Therapist (SLT) for almost thirty years and a vocal coach for nine years. As an SLT she has worked with stroke, throat cancer and deafness and specialises in work with voice disorders. In addition, Pip now works as a voice coach with actors and teachers, and with stammering, accent softening and the transgendered voice.


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