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Performing for the Screen Lab

WHAT IS IT? David’s focus is on the actor and the character. In this highly practical workshop he offers a comprehensive introduction to screen acting with an organic and extensive approach to character construction. HOW WILL IT WORK? Character development - the actor will build the character as a personal, highly unique creation under the director/tutor’s supervision. We will work on a number of practical exercises in groups and individually, including: improvisations; on-camera scene work; physical blocking of scenes and the effect it attains; static dialogue and dialogue in action; character dynamics. All exercises will be followed by feedback and discussion. We will analyse and discuss the filmed excerpts to highlight the truth, spontaneity and continuity of performance. WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF IT? Participants will be able to see and evaluate their on-screen performances and come away from the course with extremely effective tools for character creation and an awareness of their acting skills for the motion picture and arts. Price: £55


David Bonneville

David Bonneville is a writer-director and his emphasis is on character development and actor’s performance. His last film Gypsy premiered at the Locarno Film Festival and was Hamptons, Palm Springs and SXSW nominee. Its two male leads have won 5 Awards including a Best Global Performance Award in Canada. The female lead in his previous film L'Arc-en-Ciel had also won the Best Actress Award at the International Portuguese Language Film Festival. Bonneville’s films have been broadcasted on TV in Europe, Africa and America and have worldwide distribution. He has written and directed films that have won a total of 30 accolades. David is currently in preproduction with his feature film The Last Bath with support from the ICA – Portuguese Film Institute and CNC – French Film Institute. 


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