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Methods of Backstory

WHAT IS IT? A two day workshop for actors and film directors exploring numerous techniques to enable storytellers to build backstory grounded in truth for screen performance.

HOW WILL IT WORK? Using several performance based exercises, Jesse Quinones will take you through a series of innovative acting exercises, all of which will be filmed, that will strengthen your screen performance. Drawing on hybrid techniques blending fiction, investigative documentary, and journalism, this two- day workshop will involve an immersive experience that will provide the participants with numerous ways in which to build back story, connect with the characters they will inhabit, and strengthen their technique to work in film and or tv.

WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF IT? The course will enable participants to harness the necessary skills to perform in front of the camera, to convert the techniques they have already acquired for screen and to enter the world of film and television with confidence. Specific areas that will be emphasised include: *Building a character arc that will not be broken by a non-linear shoot

*Staying Present and in Character regardless of the scale of the shoot

*How to explore the impact size of the frame will have on performance

*How to stay present and consistent with multiple takes.

*Using improvisation as a means of building backstory

The workshop is as useful for directors as it is for film actors.

This workshop runs over two days: April 29, 30

Workshop tier: ALL LEVELS

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Jesse Quinones

Jesse is a writer/director from Miami who has lived in London since 2000. He is drawn to telling stories on either side of the Atlantic. In March 2013 he completed his feature film Calloused Hands, which starred Andre Royo (The Wire), Daisy Haggard (Showtime’s Episodes), and Hans Howes (There Will Be Blood). His most recent feature film is 'Cagefighter', a London set fight movie, along with a feature documentary about former Boxing Champion Glenn McCrory. Jesse regularly teaches performers, writers and directors, and has taught at various institutions across the UK including MET Film School, London Metropolitan University, Brighton Film School, Advanced Studies in England, the Actors Centre, Act Up, Spread the Word, Anna Fiorentini Stage & Screen School, and the D & B School of Performing Arts. For more information please visit his website  


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