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Living the Lines

WHAT IS IT? This two-day workshop will focus on finding confidence and truth when using text. Brigid has delivered eleven workshops on ‘Line learning With Confidence’ for the Actors Centre and this workshop is in response to requests from actors to continue and develop work on text. This workshop offers simple practical answers to the problems of fear and anxiety when faced with text. We can usually find effortless energy and conviction when improvising, now we can have the same ease of expression and enjoyment of communication through the words on the page. This will be useful in auditions, sight reading, rehearsal and scene study. HOW WILL IT WORK? Using sensible practical exercises and techniques, proved to be successful over many years of experience, confidence and skills increase through practice of outward-directed attention away from the anxious self and with a released focus on the scene-partner. Being securely in the Present Moment means we are always safe and free to express the truth of the imagined situation as it changes. WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF IT? The experience of trust in yourself and your capabilities when working on a play, freedom from those habitual doubts and fears of failure which can hold us back, an understanding of the working process so that you can use it to do your best work in auditions, rehearsal and performance and an unexpected ability to know the lines without learning them, because you will be meaning what you say, rather than worrying about what you sound like. If the situation of the scene matters to you as much it would to the character you are playing, then the natural memory system of the brain will work efficiently. The second edition of Brigid’s book ‘Essential Acting’ (pub. Routledge) describes the approach and techniques used in these Workshops. Price: £60.


This workshop runs over 2 days

December 3, 4


Brigid Panet

Brigid trained at Central and worked professionally, acting in theatre and TV for 14 years before starting to teach and direct. Since then Brigid has taught and directed plays in the major English drama schools and around the world. She worked with the NT’s Education Department, initiating and directing their first three educational Shakespeare tours in England and Ireland. The second edition of her book Essential Acting (published by Routledge) contains the line-learning exercises she has developed in her workshops at the Actors Centre. Brigid donates her fee from the Actors Centre to the international charity, WATERAID. 


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