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Introduction to Continuity Announcing

WHAT IS IT? A workshop for beginners on how to a become a TV continuity announcer. HOW WILL IT WORK? Starting with continuity script writing and moving on to voice over, Gary Terzza will show you how to write and record your lines and approach broadcasters for work. Using practical exercises, you will learn to deliver scripts in a conversational style, avoid cliché and make the most of your voice for announcing on-air. WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF IT? A recorded demo of your voice that will be your starting point for a future career as an announcer. Price: £30.


Gary Terzza

Gary Terzza started his continuity announcing career for ITV in the Midlands in 1982 and in 1991 joined Channel 4 where he stayed for 24 years. In addition Gary has been a prolific voiceover artist narrating documentaries such as Phil Spector’s Demons and Channel 5’s Ultimate series, along with work for the BBC, VH-1, CITV and Discovery. He has been running a successful voiceover training course since 2005, coaching beginners in the art of voiceovers. Many of his students have achieved success in TV, radio, audiobooks, video games and, of course, continuity announcing. 


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