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WHAT IS IT? This workshop is specifically geared to help experienced actors, with previous theatre, film and TV experience, who are returning to the profession after a prolonged absence, re-establish their identity with new agents and casting directors who may not be familiar with their previous work. Given the time lapse between professional engagements Phil will help actors to re-evaluate their brand image in terms of casting range and access key skills and media resources in order to maximise employment prospects. HOW WILL IT WORK? Advice will be given about headshots applicable to re-evaluated niche market, revised C.V., covering letter (structured to take account of professional absence), casting directors, agents, networking, (corporate, radio, commercials), audition monologue (applicable to revised marketing niche), and re-evaluation of USP (unique selling point) within the parameters of current casting. Improvisation in addition to your monologue will assist in verifying your niche, and dispel the myth that you are at a disadvantage from not having been visible within the industry. Phil will help you identify ways in which to consolidate and implement this procedure. WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF IT? Increased self-confidence to empower you at interviews and give you a fresh perspective on your ‘new type’, together with a high end marketing plan, so that instead of being the one who slipped through the net, you can confidently and productively interact with casting director and agents, and generate a positive response, knowing that you still have something valuable to offer the profession because new faces are always welcome (the luminous Liz Smith didn’t start in the business until she was in her 50s!). Please bring headshot portfolio, resume and covering letter, and also prepare a short monologue based on your casting type. Price: £24


Phil Shaw

Phil is a casting director and trained as an actor at The Webber Douglas Academy,  he is also a voice/audition technique coach, a former ICM talent agent, and has a one-to-one actors’ consultancy service. He has cast commercials, theatre, film and TV.   


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