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How to be a Brilliant Stand-Up in One Workshop

WHAT IS IT? A one-day workshop in a very supportive environment, where the secrets of professional stand-up will be revealed. From structuring a set to developing a personal individual style, via improvisation and dealing with hecklers, you’ll finish the day with five minutes of material you’ve developed under the guidance of the tutor. It is big, it is clever, you can try it at home. HOW WILL IT WORK? Participants are introduced - very gently - to engaging with an audience, and by way of simple exercises, quickly pick up which jokes work, which don’t, and which are ripe for development into something more substantial. The second part of the day is dedicated to writing a short, individual set, which will be performed in front of the others. The emphasis is on encouragement and positivity. Please bring something on which to write notes for some of the exercises…either a pad and pen, or something electronic WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF IT? The ability to analyse jokes, structure and timing and the confidence to stand in front of an expectant audience and deliver. Past students have noticed an immediate improvement regarding their personal confidence in everyday life. Price: £35.


Diane Messias

Diane Messias has worked in the industry for the past three decades as a writer, script editor, director, producer and performer of theatre, TV, film and radio. A former BBC Comedy producer/director (credits include One Foot In The Grave), Diane has written for and worked with many of the country’s top household names, including Andrew Sachs, Sir Michael Hordern, Annette Crosbie, Alistair McGowan, Ian Hislop, Harry Hill, and many others. She is currently writing a treatment for a TV comedy drama series, and developing a film idea with a well-known independent film company.  She teaches writing and comedy with her company,


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