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Get Work in English! A Simple Approach to Accent Work for Non-Native Speakers

WHAT IS IT? Every language and dialect has a unique melody, rhythm and intonation pattern. It can be a challenge to adapt your particular vocal ‘muscle memory’ to the huge variety of accents in the English-speaking world, particularly when English isn’t your first language. Through working with a range of international actors, as well as studying languages, linguistics and Complete Vocal Technique (CVT), Michael at the Voice Hub has developed a simple, effective system for non-native English speakers to tackle accents such as RP and General American, often considered essential to getting acting and voiceover work in English-speaking countries. HOW WILL IT WORK? Over a fun and informative two days, you will get to know your own voice inside out and learn easy, efficient methods to map out your unique speech patterns. Listening to the variety of international voices in the group, you will have the chance to compare and contrast your vocal melody with others. We will then analyse the features of English accents and, most importantly, how you can adapt your own sound and muscle memory to start speaking confidently in the English accent of your choice. Bring a selection of short pieces of text/poems for the 1-2-1 sessions during the course. WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF IT? You will leave the weekend with a step-by-step approach to hearing, analysing and speaking different accents. You will also have a toolkit of ways to avoid your own language tensions, allowing you to maintain an accent with confidence for an audition, acting role or voiceover job. Price: £60.


This workshop runs over two days

November 29, 30


Michael Hill

Michael Hill is a London-based voice coach and freelance BBC broadcaster, educated in Complete Vocal Technique. Alongside his colleague, Rósa Björg Ómarsdóttir he runs The Voice Hub, providing workshops for actors, singers and businesses in the UK, Ireland and Scandinavia. They have coached a number of actors with major screen and stage credits, including Game of Thrones (HBO), Babylon (Channel 4) and Hebburn (BBC2), plus stage credits with the National Theatre, the National Theatre of Scotland and Cockpit Theatre. Current collaborations include workshops for the Tron Theatre (Tron 100 club) in Glasgow and the Edinburgh Festival Theatre. Performance credits include work with the Austurbaer Theatre in Reykjavík, the Icelandic Musician´s Union and BBC Scotland/BBC Alba. 


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