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Fundamentals - Movement for Actors

WHAT IS IT? Movement for Actors raises awareness of the power of the physical body and movement in terms of creating a character and enabling freedom of expression. No prior movement experience required. HOW WILL IT WORK? Sarah will focus on movement exercises, theory, practical group and individual character work. The workshop aims to be informative, yet fun. We shall initially explore and observe ourselves as movers asking: Where do I hold tension? How can I release this tension? Do I have movement habits that are getting in the way of my performances, and what impressions am I making non-verbally? We will then look at the body and movement as a tool for performance - how characters walk, behave, gesture; how to manifest characters’ thoughts and feelings through the body and how to use our bodies to communicate more effectively. Bring along a memorised 1-minute monologue. WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF IT? A richer understanding of how your body and physicality can be used to its full potential, adding to your strengths as an actor. Price: £30.


Sarah Perry

Sarah is an actor, movement coach, director and tutor working in a multitude of industries. She spent three months researching and movement coaching on Jupiter Ascending directed by The Wachowskis, and coached one of the lead actors in Guardians of the Galaxy. She has coached many actors and performers in film, TV and live performance. Sarah is a visiting lecturer and workshop leader at numerous UK Universities and educational institutions, including Norwich University of the Arts, University of West London, University of Hertfordshire, University of Kent, Ravensbourne and Met Film School. Sarah is a Yoga Therapist, and teaches Movement for Actors and Acting & Character Movement for Animators. Sarah has worked with the animators working on Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia - Voyage of the Dawn Treader, John Carter, World War Z and Guardians of the Galaxy. 


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