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Embodying Shakespeare's Language

WHAT IS IT? A physical exploration of Shakespeare’s verse that will help actors to ‘feel the beat in their bones’ (in the words of the RSC’s legendary voice coach Cicely Berry), and deepen their connection with the text. HOW WILL IT WORK? Michael will guide you through a series of physical and vocal experiences that will allow you to feel the heartbeat of Shakespeare’s characters, the energy inherent in his verse, and open you to possibilities in the structure of the writing. The work will deepen your personal connection with the text, help you make it your own and find greater freedom in speaking verse. WHAT WILL YOU GET OUT OF IT? The immediate pay-off is a set of 'tools' for exploring Shakespeare’s verse texts to discover both the feelings of the character and how the character thinks. In the bigger picture, these tools will help you to play the verse instinctively rather than analysing it intellectually. Participant Price: £30. Observer Price: £15.


Michael Elliott

Michael Elliott is a Voice and Text Coach who has coached actors at the Royal Shakespeare Company, the Stratford Shakespeare Festival and Shaw Festival in Ontario, Canada. A former actor, he was trained as a voice coach by Patsy Rodenburg at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama. He was a resident Voice and Text Coach at the RSC in 2014-15, where he worked closely with legendary Voice and Text Coach Cicely Berry, and with directors Greg Doran and Trevor Nunn. He teaches voice and Shakespeare, and conducts workshops, at a number of UK drama schools.


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