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Digging Deeper Into Meisner

This intensive two day workshop will both top up your experience with the Meisner Technique for actors, as taught by Scott Williams of The Impulse Company, and also take you deeper into the work. What does it mean to “live truthfully” and how far can that concept take you into your acting? This is the class to let you experience the full impact of our techniques, opening up your responses and helping to make performances that matter. Participant places are only open to those who have participated in The Meisner Technique workshop.

Participant Price: £90. Observer Price: £30.

This workshop runs over three days: June 26, 27, 28

Workshop tier: INTERMEDIATE

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Scott Williams

Scott is founder of the Impulse Company, working with actors, writers and directors to create vibrant and dynamic theatre. As a director his work has been seen all over the world.


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