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Cracking Shakespeare

WHAT IS IT? A two-day workshop designed to offer you skills and techniques which unlock Shakespeare's language. This course will empower you to perform the plays with confidence up on your feet. The exercises will be based on Kelly's book - Cracking Shakespeare: A Hands-On Guide for Actors. HOW WILL IT WORK? Please bring a speech you would like to work on. We will explore how to use rhythm and sound to find the emotional truth of your speeches and then take the speeches and be up on our feet exploring the mind's eye pictures created within your speeches and how to physically bring your character to life. WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF IT? The practical hands-on exercises and techniques can be applied to any speech of Shakespeare and may be used throughout your career. The work you will do during the course will offer you the chance to fine-tune a speech for yourself - useful for future auditions. Price: £60.


This workshop runs over two days

December 11, 12 


Kelly Hunter

Kelly is an award-winning actor and director. Over thirty years she has played major roles at the RSC, National Theatre, ETT and with the Icelandic company Vesturport. She has also worked extensively in film, TV and radio. Most recently she played Mrs Alving in Ghosts, directed by Stephen Unwin for ETT, and directed a production of The Tempest for the RSC in Stratford and Ohio. She has created a series of Shakespeare drama games named ‘The Hunter Heartbeat Method’ which forms her work with children with autism. Her methodology is the subject of her second book - Shakespeare's Heartbeat - published by Routledge. She has also written Cracking Shakespeare; A Hands-On Guide for Actors, published this year by Methuen, in association with the Actors Centre. "Kelly Hunter is an extraordinary actor and teacher who now generously shares the insights, skills and knowledge that she has amassed during the course of her varied career. Having witnessed the power of Kelly's approaches first-hand I recommend Cracking Shakespeare to anyone who thinks Shakespeare isn't for them or who simply wants to explore new, innovative appraoches to unlocking Shakespeare's language." GREGORY DORAN, ARTISTIC DIRECTOR, RSC. 


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