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Confidence Tricks

WHAT IS IT? A workshop designed to develop your own personal powers and conquer negativity so that you communicate with confidence and truth. HOW WILL IT WORK? We will explore specific exercises that dare you to confront the self-image you have constructed. You will be encouraged to separate what comes across as ‘phoney’ and build a tool-kit of conviction of commitment so that you communicate with truth and joy. Most of the material used will come from your own memories and beliefs but these will be aided by extracts from plays, poems and song lyrics. You will work both on your own and with the rest of the group as an audience or communally. WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF IT? A fun-filled, non-threatening adventure which will offer you the ability to put into action Hollywood producer Sam Goldwyn’s famous remark ‘The most important quality in acting is sincerity. If you can fake that, you’re made’. Bring generous hearts, flexible souls and a large dose of chutzpah and learn to communicate with clarity, truth and passion. Price £30.


Glen Walford

Glen is an International theatre director – Founder of London Bubble, Hong Kong’s Chung-Ying and Artistic Director of Liverpool Everyman and Ludlow Festival Shakespeare. Recent productions include The Silver Gym written by and starring Nichola McAuliffe at Queens Theatre, Hornchurch.  She will be directing Willy Russell’s Shirley Valentine starring Jodie Prenger in a major tour to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the opening of the play at the Liverpool Everyman Theatre which Glen commissioned and directed. Adam Spiegel productions lists the present tour dates from March 6th – November 11th 2017. For more information on Glen’s career visit 


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