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Complete Vocal Technique for Actors and Singers

WHAT IS IT? For singers, actors and public speakers, CVT provides an acoustic science-based, clear and efficient approach to producing all the sounds the human voice can make, in a HEALTHY way. From resonant, rich tones for voice-overs, to heavy metal screams, CVT provides tools to access a myriad of vocal colours. HOW WILL IT WORK? In a dynamic group setting, you will be presented with a fresh perspective on how the voice works, where you can try out new sounds, refresh your technique, ask any burning questions you might have about your voice and enjoy a taster one-to-one lesson, helping you get on track with your vocal and performance goals. This workshop is suitable for those who have worked with CVT before and newcomers to the technique. WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF IT? You will leave the session with a new toolkit of quick and reliable ways to access different voice qualities, dynamics and effects. This allows you to focus on artistry and expression on stage, or in the studio, knowing that your voice will always deliver what you need. You will also leave with a deeper understanding of the voice as an instrument, removing fears or doubts about your vocal abilities. Price: £35.


Michael Hill

Michael Hill is a London-based voice coach, singer and freelance BBC broadcaster, with a particular interest in voice science and its practical applications for expressive speaking and singing. His vocal coaching has embraced a wide range of different performers and styles – from teaching singing and accents to TV actors, coaching West End singers, helping lawyers with public speaking and even training international metalcore bands to grunt safely on tour!  He teaches vocal technique, performance and vocal health at Europe’s largest contemporary music college, BIMM. Michael is also one of only a handful of people in the UK to have completed the prestigious Authorised Teacher course from the Complete Vocal Institute in Denmark, one of the world’s largest voice research institutes. He has given voice masterclasses for a variety of respected institutions, such as the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and Clinical Excellence Networks within the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists. 


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