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Bothmer Movement for Actors

WHAT IS IT? Fritz Graf von Bothmer established a school of movement based on the interaction between the human form and the dimensions of space. This workshop offers a basic introduction to Bothmer's exercises which the actor can use in all life situations reflected in their work. HOW WILL IT WORK? Through playful and mindful preparation, you will learn how to generate presence through conscious movement. In-depth focus will be on details that allow you to encounter your own limits, become aware of them, and learn what is required to go beyond them in order to cross the threshold of fear and doubt to occupying your space more freely. Please wear clothes suitable for movement. WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF IT? Confidence, consciousness and momentum will be boosted to enhance the quality of your presence. You will learn how to expand into your spatial environment and connect with it, positively influencing the delivery and quality of performance. Price: £20.


Trudy Lewis

Trudy trained at The Arts Educational School, London, later studying mime with Ella Jarosowicz in Paris and afterwards attending the Actors Studio there. After completing her four year training in Bothmer movement, both in France and the UK, she began teaching actors and performers in London and Paris. Reconciled with the acting world as a teacher of life-inspiring workshops, Trudy combines Bothmer movement with her own life experience to inspire others to reach their true potential


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