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Awareness in Your Acting - On Camera

WHAT IS IT? A workshop to help rid the actor of ego, the self that watches the self. You will learn techniques to: get rid of tension by focussing on what you want; listen and respond truthfully; know who and where your character is and to get what your character wants in the scene; focus on what you can give. HOW WILL IT WORK? Actors will receive scene sides in advance to prepare for this workshop. David will give a brief introduction to the exercises of mind, body and breathing to enable actors to start scenes with a calm, focussed clarity. Each actor will do specific relaxation exercises before their scene is filmed. The scene will be played back and specifically coached for the second recording. WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF IT? A set of relaxation and focus exercises for mind and body that help focus positivity and inner strength as an artist. You will be enabled to get what you want in your auditions and your work as an actor, knowing your character and that you are simply part of a story telling process. Price: £110


This workshop runs over two days

March 13, 15


David Corbett

David Corbett is a working actor and drama teacher. He trained at the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in New York City for three years. He lived and worked in LA for seven years, acting in film, television and theatre. David writes and directs short films and comedy sketch shows. He has chalked up over 50 TV commercials. David’s most recent TV credits include WPC 56 and Doctors. David teaches acting and audition technique to all ages of students. He leads a comedy improv class, for actors to develop new writing and is presently writing his own TV comedy series. 


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