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Auditioning by Heart

WHAT IS IT? A three-day intensive Hollywood film and TV audition technique workshop – featuring the famous Thought Support Technique. What will we be learning? The short answer is ‘to be truthful and authentic in our auditions’. The good news is that in doing so, auditioning will become so much more fun and stress free, not to mention much more valuable. This on-camera course is designed to teach professional actors the steps to take to organically prepare for film and TV auditions within a short timeframe. Auditioning by Heart is a deep exploration of how to create a character’s life from the truth through history homework.

HOW WILL IT WORK? At first, the workshop will resemble an actual Hollywood casting session. You will receive sides from a current (not yet released) film or TV show the night before and when you arrive you will be put on tape. Crystal will then take you step-by-step through an incredible approach to the audition material that utilises History Homework to achieve quick mastery of the character. You will learn new priorities that will change the way you audition forever. You will ground yourself, using the technique of ‘resistance’ to physically create the character’s world around you. You will translate result-orientated direction into process-orientated thinking that keeps you organic. Crystal will play back the audition tapes and provide thorough personalised critiques of each performance, and use these tapes to visually demonstrate exactly what she is teaching. By the end of the course you will be ‘crystal clear’ on what works, what doesn’t and why. Crystal will also share her Thought Support Technique which is a powerful key for making the intangible ideals of acting – being in the moment, trusting yourself, subtext/character thoughts, listening and reacting – instantly present. Please note, some observers will serve as readers and discover many insights to working on the other side of the table!

WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF IT? You will gain the ability to live truthfully through the life of the character and generate their thoughts – to know your lines by heart without memorising. You will discover a stronger bond as to why you are an actor and the confidence to let go of the fear that you don’t have enough time, information or talent to get the role. You will have deeper connections to the other characters in your auditions, which will allow you to listen and be present, to respond truthfully in the moment while you fight for your objective. All of this will allow nerves to drop away so you can honestly have fun, free from the pressure to perform. You will give yourself room to breathe and live up to your potential in the audition, which will improve your booking rate. This is an exhilarating training that demystifies the audition process, turning the proving ground into a playground.

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This workshop runs over three days

May 6, 7, 8