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WHAT IS IT? A one-day, incredibly practical workshop exploring the audio book industry, giving actors the information, skills and experience they simply must have when planning to record for the audio book world.

HOW WILL IT WORK? Exploring a range of genres including non-fiction, fiction, fantasy, comic novels and literary classics, you will gain experience working on the microphone, developing both the narrator’s voice and building a believable range of voice qualities and ages for speaking characters. Discover where you might fit in the audio book world, as well as what is expected of you both in the studio setting and when recording and editing at home. Choosing from any genre, bring one or two of your favourite books you’d like to work on the microphone.

WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF IT? Through the workshop you will build a toolkit for approaching performing an audio book as well as a clear, daily routine to build your voice range and vocal fitness for longer audio book reads. Plenty of mic time to practise serving the text through accurate pitch, pace and tone while keeping it natural with a constant vocal energy and volume. Build your readability through a range of book styles and genres. Develop a solid technique for working on the mic, reading ahead as you perform, and effective script analysis. Explore an approach to audio book characters, through shaping your mouth and changing your physical posture, so that you are able to alternate between characters and narration quickly and easily. Price: £40.

Workshop tier: INTRODUCTORY

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Peter Oliver Warnock

Peter Warnock is an actor, voiceover artist and highly technical voice and acting coach. He has an MA in voice and singing, has been a working actor for over 20 years and is an ambassador for Equity. Acting work includes the RSC, Royal Opera House, Abbey Theatre Dublin, over 200 hours of episodic TV and numerus commercials. Over the past 15 years he has recorded more than 10,000 voices for radio, including eight characters on the hit video game Witcher 3. As a teacher Peter has worked at LAMDA, ALRA, BSA and the Actors Centre and runs his own training company, The Voice Zone. Peter also engineers at Just Voices Agency and very recently finished working as technical voice and acting support with Warner Brothers on a new video game. For further information visit 


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