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Assembling a Reel for Video Games

WHAT IS IT? Ever wanted to enter the voiceover video games industry but not sure where to start? This workshop will give you the tools you need to prepare for recording your games reel and for working in this exciting, high-opportunity world. HOW WILL IT WORK? Using practical exercises and exciting equipment including a gun and Rode mic, this workshop is tailored to the group’s needs and aims. We will warm-up to build vocal support through your range before beginning to learn a daily vocal routine to strengthen your voice. We will work through a range of game scripts and genres, and you will learn to take quick direction, and also use the limited but specific direction a game script provides. We will focus on mic technique clarity and being believable. Finally you will learn how to retract and shout safely – in the games world you may be required to do this for two hours in a session. Think about three characters and accents from the video games world you could play realistically and what your inner beast sounds like, ie the joker, mad scientist, boffin, superhero. Watch some Destiny Gameplay and Lara Croft to get to know the medium. WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF IT? Develop solid mic technique and focus on supporting the voice while playing with accents and characters. Be confident reading a games script and responding to client direction. Have the tools to build a shout regime and grunt safely without damaging your voice. Receive advice and marketing tools to help you break into this exciting industry. Price: £45.


Peter Oliver Warnock

Peter Warnock is an actor, voiceover artist and highly technical voice and acting coach. He has an MA in voice and singing, has been a working actor for over 20 years and is an ambassador for Equity. Acting work includes the RSC, Royal Opera House, Abbey Theatre Dublin, over 200 hours of episodic TV and numerus commercials. Over the past 15 years he has recorded more than 10,000 voices for radio, including eight characters on the hit video game Witcher 3. As a teacher Peter has worked at LAMDA, ALRA, BSA and the Actors Centre and runs his own training company, The Voice Zone. Peter also engineers at Just Voices Agency and very recently finished working as technical voice and acting support with Warner Brothers on a new video game. For further information visit 


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