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Action on Action - Exploring Screen Acting

WHAT IS IT? Acting for the camera, beginners to advanced, looking at strategies for dealing with little or no rehearsal in film and TV. It can be a surprise to actors whose training is rooted in theatre traditions that there are often no rehearsals in TV and film, and any rehearsals that do take place are usually for technical reasons. HOW WILL IT WORK? Using contemporary TV/film scripts the workshop will deal with the three key questions you need to ask for every scene and associated choices in regard to your relationship with the camera. We will look at what works, what doesn’t, how much freedom you have and the old chestnut, is less really more? WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF IT? The ability to bring specifics, and therefore clarity to your performance on screen. The acquisition of a camera savvy technique, in order to create compelling, watchable performances. Price: £55.


Clifford Milner

Clifford trained as an actor at Webber Douglas and worked extensively in TV. He trained as a director at GITIS the Russian Academy of Dramatic Art in Moscow, Skillset, BBC and DGGB and has directed at Watford Palace, Oldham Coliseum and The Lowry, Salford. He has directed several short films screened at BAFTA, the Budapest Film festival (Busho) and the BBC TV serial Doctors. Clifford has directed and taught acting for both stage and screen at several leading UK drama schools. He is Senior Acting Tutor in Rec Med at Birmingham Conservatoire. See web listing for full credits information. 


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