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Acting on Camera

WHAT IS IT? A workshop to give you a taste of the fast audition processes and shooting scenarios practised on set. You will learn how shot sizes can affect performance, the importance of eye-lines and continuity, and the speed at which you are expected to work in TV drama today. HOW WILL IT WORK? Actors will be sent a scene the night before, which they will be expected to learn in readiness for filming their ‘TV audition’ the following morning. The material will be reviewed and discussed as a group. Actors will then rehearse the scene with their partner(s) and be ready to walk onto the set to shoot straight away. Scenes will be blocked and filmed with a variety of shots in a short allotted time whilst other participants take on crew roles. The rushes will then be reviewed by the group. All aspects of the day will be discussed, including how the work relates to professional practice – from learning lines and hitting the ‘beats’ to ‘turning points’, taking notes and learning to look objectively at your performance. WHAT WILL YOU GET OUT OF IT? You will gain a valuable insight into current TV auditioning and shooting practices, discovering what is achievable in the time restraints and learning to take direction quickly and concisely. By becoming familiar with working in front of the camera, you will improve your ability to look at your own work objectively. Participant Price £55. Observer Price £15.


Gill Wilkinson

Gill began her professional career as a director at The Bill after being head-hunted before she graduated from film school. Since then her credits include EastEnders, Casualty, Peak Practice, Grange Hill, Hollyoaks and The Royal Today. Experienced in a wide range of programme formats and styles including single- and multi-camera, Gill was awarded the BAFTA/PO Scholarship to study Direction at the NFTS. Her graduation films Ellie and Horses for Courses screened at numerous festivals, scooping awards in Tokyo and Chicago amongst others.


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