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Acting: A Practical Approach to Getting Better At It

WHAT IS IT? This is a practical workshop – creating a platform for building upon what you already practise and identifying areas for improvement. Whatever your level you will be able to find a greater simplicity, consistency, clarity and above all confidence in your own work and the processes you employ. HOW WILL IT WORK? There’s an emphasis on simplifying the actor's craft by employing a more physical approach that reveals and resolves issues quickly and effectively. In the morning you will participate in a unique series of exercises that will highlight the key areas you need to know about acting – revealing how it actually works and demonstrating the mechanics employed by the actor to tell a clear story to an audience. We then identify how your own techniques can be developed successfully to create an effective and self-reliant approach. In the afternoon we will put into practice what we have discovered using a pre-selected short scene that participants will have been given to learn prior to the session. WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF IT? You will come away with a fresh perspective on your own work and an acquired a methodology that develops credible and believable acting. You will have discovered ways to achieve greater consistency and confidence in your work. You will also have developed an empowering technique that can be applied when you’re preparing for a role, going for a take, auditioning or during rehearsals. Price: £30.


Matthew Truesmith

 Matthew trained as an actor at LAMDA and later moved to directing, cutting his teeth as an assistant at the RSC. Over the years he has worked with acclaimed Russian director Karma Ginkas, spent time with William Esper in New York and performed alongside Brian Cox in Orson Welles Heart of Darkness for Fiona Banner. He was the Head of Acting at GSA and then Head of Postgraduate Acting at Mountview where he helped encourage the careers of many aspiring actors. He also worked in the corporate world, using his expertise to troubleshoot a range of issues for a number of big businesses. He currently works freelance as an acting coach, director and script doctor. He also runs a self-tape audition service and can occasionally be seen on the stand-up comedy circuit.       


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