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Accent Clinic

WHAT IS IT? Private, half-hour accent clinics. Please advise the Bookings Office which particular accent HOW WILL IT WORK? Terry will take you through the main points of the accent using: phonetic notes on the accent being studied; exercises to retrain the muscles of articulation and the breathing, rhythm and flow of that accent. WHAT DO YOU GET OUT OF IT? With work and application, you will gain the ability to use and sustain an accent you were not born with, as if a native, through a rehearsal period and into performance. Price: £25.


Terry Besson

Terry is one of the country’s leading accent and dialect specialists. His vast experience gained over 30 years working on film, TV, radio and theatre projects has given him a unique approach to the vocal and physical changes needed when approaching acting in another accent. He has worked on such diverse projects as the films Awaydays, Clubbed, Welcome to the Punch, Captain Phillips, Get Lucky, TUPAC, Hotel Taliban, the TV series Poirot, Privates and Garrow’s Law. He is currently voice consultant at London Zoo!


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