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by Lizzie Annis

16th and 17th December 


£7 / £5


Jess has been moderately outrageous and it’s not her fault. 

I mean, it is a bit her fault. 

Quite a lot actually. Still.


Trouble invites us out to the pub for a night of good intentions, bad decisions and shambolic encounters.

By way of hot bartenders and old flames, central character, Jess, takes us on a journey across the prickly intersection between femininity and disability, and reminds us of the vital importance of a good sense of humour in relation to both.

Nevertheless, the task of navigating the male gaze in a non-conformist body isn’t all fun and games. This short play confronts the power of violent language and unpacks the terrible joy of being proven right.


Praise for Trouble:

"When I first saw a sharing of Trouble I was caught by the distinct voice, compelling performance and the playful, well-crafted nature of the writing."

-Oscar Owen - Assistant Producer, Bush Theatre

"I think Lizzie’s work is urgent and fresh… The poetic nature of her writing is funny and sharp with turns of phrase that linger in your mind to be twisted and played with long after she is gone. She is excellent at what she does - warm, inviting, funny and whip smart."

-Nicholai La Barrie - Director of Young People, Lyric Hammersmith