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The Lesson

The Lesson

The Lesson

by Gracia Rios Calderon


Friday 8th November 19:15

Sunday 10th November 20:00

Thursday 14th November 20:30

Run Time: 45 minutes



A naked female body made in Spain. Transported to London. On stage. Inside a box. With a bag on her head. WTF? 

I think she wants to say something. She may need to use some interesting objects (say no more), risky audience participation (wait, what?), and lots of humour (of course!). The Lesson investigates the source of Spain's sexual consent problems. Why does it exist? What systems allow it to continue? Why do they teach Pythagorean theorem, but nothing about... you know... sex? 
Prepare yourself for the education of a lifetime as absurdity and dark humour collide in a solo clowning performance about power dynamics and poor sexual education in the Spanish community. 

Recommended 18+

Content Warning Please note that this production explores themes of sexual assault and features audience participation.