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Tales Of The Monsters In My Head

Tales Of The Monsters In My Head

Tales Of The Monsters In My Head

a celebration of creative writing, performance and the power of art to promote wellness 

presented by Naked Frank Theatre


14th - 16th August 


FREE (booking advised) 


Whimsical, revealing and daring; Naked Frank Theatre’s latest production, Tales Of The Monsters In My Head is an honest yet artistic snapshot into mental health and all its bewildering qualities. Blending the traditional poetry slam framework with physical storytelling and visual imagery, Naked Frank Theatre promise to excite and inspire their audiences with this dynamic, fresh and forward thinking take on performance poetry.


Collaborating with writers from all over the country, Naked Frank Theatre delves deep into the words of those who have been lost, and sometimes found, in their own mind; and digs up a roller-coaster journey of enlightening, funny, dark and at times, overwhelming tales to reveal the inner workings of human mentality from a relatable perspective. Battling with your mental health can be exhausting, petrifying and debilitating; BUT…it can also be enchanting, bewitching and beautiful. This playful performance, originally inspired by the writings of Sophie Payne, plummets audiences into a colourful world of poetry, storytelling and physical theatre, bringing the previously unheard tales of the 1-in-4 to life.