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by Tina Jay, directed by Jack Brett Anderson, in association with Mont-Dore Media Ltd. 

18th - 29th February 2020

19:30 (14:30)

£15 / £12



Deno, Ray, Matt and Gabe are four young British soldiers on combat duty in Saudi Arabia in 1991 during Operation Desert Storm. Waiting to move to the front and facing the feared release of chemical and biological weapons, the men spend their long heated days in scheduled military preparation undergoing a ‘protective’ barrage of vaccines, sprays and pills. Mounting tension is relieved only by their friendly rivalry and humorous banter.

The action builds to a devastating and shocking discovery and then jumps to five years after the war when the guys are reunited but are no longer the ‘lads’ of the past. Far from battling the known enemy, they are struggling against the unseen war on their own bodies, debilitating consequences known as Gulf War Syndrome. As the symptoms continue to manifest, each of the men’s relationships come under fire, with desperate and destructive consequences.


Strong language and adult themes. Recommended 16+


Q & A session following opening night performance hosted by poet, actor and mental health activist Hussain Manawer.