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Shaping Dust

Shaping Dust

devised by the company 


2nd - 4th September 



John Thaw Studio 


Part of our John Thaw Initiative Graduate Season 2019 



Are we still ourselves without our memories? Emma explores her past on her final day in her childhood home.

We open in the present day on Emma’s final day in her childhood home. Searching for a very important tea cup Emma is led through her house, discovering more and more of her memories until she enters an upstairs bedroom and encounters a memory that shakes her sense of self. Described as ‘magical realism on stage’, Fancy Another uses puppetry, movement and hard-hitting naturalism to explore how identity is formed by memory and how our sense of self changes if we lose our memories. 


On the 4th September, Maaike Palmier-Claus from the Alzheimer’s Society will be providing a brief post-show talk regarding Dementia awareness and support services available for people to live well with Dementia.