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Rebels Atlas (The Map Is Not The Legacy)

Rebels Atlas (The Map Is Not The Legacy)

by Sebastian H-W

30th January - 1st February


£7/ £5



Rebels Atlas (The Map Is Not The Legacy) is an interactive, multimedia, documentary theatre performance by Sebastian H-W that maps out the intergenerational struggles of East Londoners resisting gentrification, social cleansing, and displacement.

This work-in-progress navigates through Sebastian’s own autobiography of moving to London in 2012 at the height of Olympic fever, with pin-pointing collected narratives from local residents and activists living in Stratford and Newham.


This cutting-edge, devised solo show, re-performs multiple associated narratives estate demolition and regeneration, activist meetings, slum landlords, the London 2012 Opening Ceremony and Boris Johnson, through the mediums of multimedia storytelling, video projection, playback verbatim from collected interviews, intimate songs, portable rituals, sports choreography, political drag, and playful audience interaction.


This is an intimate, solo political theatre show about the power that class, aspiration, maps, pathways, learning, and legacy can have on our everyday, urban lives as working-class migrants in the UK - and what, if anything - we can do about resisting the neoliberal agenda together as neighbours and citizens.


Rebels Atlas has been originally developed on Starting Blocks at Camden People’s Theatre, with generous support from Coventry Shoot Festival, Coventry Capital of Culture 2021, The Belgrade Theatre, Theatre Deli, ZU UK, The University of East London, Focus E15 Housing Campaign Group, Bishopsgate Institute, and The Greater Carpenters Neighbourhood Forum.