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presented by Teatro Nómada 

3rd - 5th February


£7/ £5


A gripping re-imagining of a Russian classic

Is murder still an unthinkable crime if committed for the greater good of humanity? Raskolnikova, a young revolutionary suffering in poverty, sets out to answer this moral dilemma. The play sees fragments of her deteriorating psyche embodied by four chorus members. Raskolnikova explores language, culture and morality in a way that brings this classic Russian story into the 21st century.

The cast and crew hail from five different continents - The Americas, Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia, and this rich diversity allows us to explore and develop the play from new and interesting perspectives.

Teatro Nómada has in recent years become an internationally recognised theatre company that aims to bring Latin American theatre to audiences worldwide. Its latest production Juana Inés, recently had an international and European premiere at DespertaLab Festival in Barcelona receiving an 'International Scenic Creation' award in 2017.

This would be the European debut of David Gaitan's Raskolnikova after being produced in México, Singapore and America. 


A Q&A session will be held after the show on the 5th of February.