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Qaddafi's Cook

Qaddafi's Cook

by Teatro Medicina-Medicina Theatre & Bons Tempos Productions

27th - 29th January




Qaddafi’s Cook, trailer, London/San Francisco 2020. from Alvaro Flores on Vimeo.



Living in hell, cooking for the devil...

Two young Mexican chefs, one a follower of Mama Ayahuasca, and the other a disciple of Jack Daniels, get caught in the tailspin of Libyan dictator, Muammar Qaddafi, the world’s bloodiest foodie and designer of the Lockerbie crash.  Have they hit the culinary big time or blundered into high stakes espionage? Along the way, you’ll literally taste the tyrant and smell the fear of his people. Based on true events.

An earlier version of this play was performed in 2016 at the New York International Fringe Festival, San Diego International Fringe Festival and the Hollywood Fringe Festival. It was also performed at the famous Hotel California in Mexico. Yes, you read that right. Hotel California from the Eagles song... this is where the play's co-writers first met and started working on the play.

Current affairs have provided fresh ingredients for this newly cooked version of the play.

Come and taste the tyrant!


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Praise for Qaddafi's Cook

"Intense and charming, Qaddafi’s Cook is an immersive experience that beautifully connects food, passion, and power." Ashley Steves, Theatre Is Easy

"This play, directed by Lynn Lohr is a powerful piece of theatre... Do not miss this fine performance." Mukul Khurana, San Diego Free Press

Qaddafi's Cook from Alvaro Flores on Vimeo.