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Please, Feel Free To Share

Please, Feel Free To Share

Please, Feel Free To Share

by Rachel Causer


Tuesday 5th November 20:30

Wednesday 6th November 19:45

Friday 8th November 18:15

Run Time: 45 minutes




Drink. Post. Like. Repeat. Alex Dawson is on fire: corporate success, night owl, party animal. Her social media boasts members-only rooftops, inexplicably sunny days, and a never-ending boomerang of glossy women clinking glasses. Drink. Post. Like. Repeat.

Out of the blue, her father dies. 

Reluctantly, she joins a bereavement support group. She shares a little. Then she lies a lot. It feels fantastic: like the ‘likes’, but in real life. And just like that: Alex is addicted. Share. Lie. Repeat. Please, Feel Free To Share is a dark comedy about the growing need to share our entire lives, even if what we're sharing isn't always the truth.